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Hallelujah! California is coming out of the drought and water is becoming prevalent again here in Los Angeles!

With our recent rain storms, downtown Los Angeles has reported up to 15 inches of water since the rain year began October 1st of last year, with a normal rain year running between October 1st through September 30th. That is a considerable amount with the average of 14 inches during a normal water year. That’s amazing!

With the heavy rain and water reservoirs filling up again, it is still crucial that we continue our efforts to conserve our water supplies here in California. We know all too well what it is like to be limited, so it is crucial that we capitalize on the recent rainstorm blessings and help make our water supplies last. There are many ways to conserve water in our homes, but individual day to day water conservation is something we need to pay attention to.

How does one do that? Well, here we have compiled a list of ways to decrease our water consumption and conserve our supplies through our daily routines.

Limit Shower Time

We all love a nice, refreshing shower, but spending too much time scrubbing up can use a significant amount of water. With the average shower lasting up to 8 minutes and using up to 18 gallons of water, decreasing that time can have a huge impact on daily water usage and conservation. Shortening your shower time can have a profound impact on your “water footprint” and save you money in the process. Consider creating a shower playlist or using a timer to help remind you to get out of the shower faster. Shower time can become more fun as you conserve in the process!

Turn Off the Tap

Instead of letting it flow, turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, wash your dishes, or shave. According to the EPA, turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth in the morning and before bed can save up to 8 gallons of water a day. That is over 200 gallons saved per month! The same goes for washing dishes, as well as , when you shave.  Turning off the tap is an easy, daily way to reduce water waste and conserve energy cost.

Reuse Towels Multiple Times

To save energy and water, consider reusing your towels after several showers before using a new one. Many hotels are working to conserve through participation in the Project Planet Program and the Green Suites Program. These programs offer easy to read literature that hotels can display in their rooms allowing guests to participate in decreasing water usage by reusing linens and towels. Next time you stay at your favorite hotel, check to see if you can participate!

Reuse Cooking Water

Next time you make spaghetti, consider saving the water from the pasta to reuse and recycle. This water can be saved for watering plants (once it’s cooled down)  instead of wasting it by pouring it down the drain. After boiling vegetables, this water can also be reused for watering plants, as well as , reused for boiling pasta and making stock for soups. What great ways to conserve while you cook!

Use a Shower Bucket

Waiting on the water to warm up? Consider placing a bucket underneath the faucet while your bath or shower water becomes warmer. This way no water is wasted while you wait for the perfect temperature.  This water can be reused for watering plants or poured into your toilet or reused for cleaning purposes. Save and reuse, that’s our motto!

Put Ice Cubes in Plants

Don’t you hate when you are trying to fill your glass with ice and it falls all over the floor? Instead of throwing it down the sink, use it for something much better. Throw the ice cubes into your plants to water them instead of wasting. Most of our drought friendly plants require less water anyways and a melting ice cube can provide the perfect solution.

Eat Less Meat

Are you a meat lover? According to the National Geographic it takes up to 1,000 gallons of water to produce the average American diet. A pound of beef can take up to 1,800 gallons of water to process. That’s a lot of water! We are not saying to go vegan, but limiting your meat intake can have a positive effect on water consumption and conservation. Another way to save is to buy local, as much of the cost and usage of water and energy comes from the transportation of the meat products as well.

Check for Leaks

To make sure you aren’t losing water, check your pipes for any pesky leaks. This can help you save money and conserve water. No one likes to waste!

No matter your daily routine, there are so many ways to decrease your “water footprint” and help conserve our water supply here in Los Angeles and across the world.

Written by: Jessica Paisant

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