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Introducing leafy foliage into the home is not a new concept, however recent studies have found that there are much more benefits to houseplants than just their aesthetic.

The rich green coloring, textured leaves and calming ambience that plants have can have a huge influence on your interior spaces. Houseplants will not only make your home feel more inviting, they but can also improve air quality and have a positive effect on the mental health of your family. The American Society for Horticultural Science claimed in an article titled, Houseplants Cut Indoor Ozone, that “certain plants can rid a room of up to 89 per cent of harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like formaldehyde and xylene”.

So now that you know the benefits of houseplants and are thinking about buying some for your home this weekend, you might be asking yourself which types are best? What species don’t require a lot of maintenance? And which will survive the hot and dry California summer?
Plant expert and author of Houseplants are Houseguests, Anne Moore lists a large selection of plants that enjoy indoor environments, and says that no matter what, there’s one simple rule, “make your plants as comfortable in your home as they would be in their natural habitat”.

Here are 5 popular indoor plant species that will thrive in your home:


1. Spider Plant — this particular plant is an all-time favorite and is a great, all-round air freshener. The Spider Plant absorbs common air pollutants to naturally detoxify your home. It also reproduces rapidly, therefore is very easy to maintain.


2. Succulents — arguably one of the hardest species to kill, succulents are very low maintenance and can withstand a great deal of neglect. Place them near a window to ensure they get enough sunlight and water them thoroughly only when the soil is completely dry (every 3-4 weeks during summer).


3. Cactus — a perfect candidate for the California summer is the cactus. Available at most local supermarkets in small pots, the cactus loves to sunbathe. Once the soil is totally dry, soak the roots to simulate a good desert rainfall, and your cactus will be as happy as can be.


4. Peace Lily — Also producing beautiful white flowers, the Peace Lily is another great air freshener and its elegantly slim leaves will beautifully complement various interior styles. Keep your Peace Lily out of direct sunlight but in a warm room, and ensure the roots are only moist, not wet.


5. Boston Fern — the rich green, textured fronds are the Boston Fern’s finest feature. Perfect for hanging pots, the leafs drape beautifully over the edges of the pot and add a burst of colour to the room. Ideal in 60-70 degree heat, this tropical native enjoys indirect light, moist soil, and a regular mist to its long locks.


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