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Smart home technology is already blowing our minds but what designers have been planning for the future will completely change the way we live. One particular technology that caught our eye is ALNO’s kitchen backsplash with an integrated 13-foot, LED computer screen.

Yep, you read it right! A 13-foot, interactive computer and television screen will soon be able to be mounted to your kitchen’s backsplash. Looking up and reading recipes will be as easy as operating your iPhone, iPad or control panel technology, and you’ll never have to eat alone again with the ability to Skype family and friends. As the hub of the home and a space where homeowners spend a lot of their time, cooking and preparing meals, the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen will be incomparable to anything else we’ve seen before.

And it doesn’t stop there. ALNO’s Kitchen Display moves, communicates, interacts and adjust with its user. Like a robot-esk room, controls remotely move base cabinets, as well as open upper cabinets automatically, and the height of sinks and cooktops can be adjusted to serve various uses, and is especially effective for ADA/wheelchair accessibility.

The launch of this technology-enhanced kitchen took place in July last year and extra health management tools, and other powerful apps are expected to be integrated in the design in 20151/2016 for the North American market.

“Cooking, eating, videoconferencing, serving, surveillance and working, are all possible in one space now,” said Lothar Birkenfeld, President and CEO of ALNO USA Corporation.

Don’t know about you but we are certainly looking forward to seeing what comes next from the world of home technology. Maybe one day there’ll be a kitchen that cooks for you. If so, we’ll take one of those please!

Find out more at www.alno-usa.com

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