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With sleek lines, a modern aesthetic and integration with a lavish outdoor entertaining area, we’ve chosen this kitchen at 432 S Citrus as today’s ‘Room of the Day’. We explore who lives here, how the designer’s fulfilled the brief, and Mayer Dahan’s favorite feature of the kitchen.

At a glance
Location: Hancock Park/Mid-Wilshire area in Los Angeles, California.
Year built: 2014
Who uses it: Young, business-orientated couple who are looking to grow their family in the next few years.
Designers: Mayer Dahan and associates at Prime Five Homes.

The brief: To create a kitchen that was modern, luxurious, energy-efficient, and that seamlessly connected with the home’s living and outdoor spaces.

Game plan: The white and timber surface contrast has become a signature style of a Prime Five Homes kitchen, however the timber coloring changes based on the home’s location, natural light, and overall design. These surfaces,the height of the cabinetry, as well as the clean lines and minimal, clutter-free design of the kitchen create the modern, luxurious aesthetic that was desired. The glass panel backsplash brings an element of nature into the space, and floor-to-ceiling bifold doors create a seamless connection between interior and exterior entertaining spaces.

Biggest challenge: This kitchen is full of Italian appliances, surfaces and joinery, therefore the biggest challenge was getting the products to the site. After several delays and a few engineering issues, the kitchen was installed and Mayer, as well as the current homeowner’s, couldn’t be more happy with the final result.

Favorite element: It is a very hard decision between the timber cabinetry and the glass panel backsplash, however Mayer’s favorite feature of this kitchen is the color, texture and feel that the timber brings to the space. “One of my favorite materials to work with, the timber cabinetry in this kitchen brings the entire space to life,” says Mayer. “Contrasted by the glossy white lacquer and bright green foliage that comes through the glass backsplash, the timber is organic and reminiscent of the home’s relationship with nature and sustainable qualities.”

Splurges and savings: Not much money was spared in this kitchen design because it is one of the key spaces in the home’s living environment. Also when it comes to long-lasting surfaces and efficient appliances, the kitchen is the best place to spend a little extra to get a lot back in return.

Product breakdown: Miele appliances. Kartell Masters Stools. One sheet of glass for the backsplash. Custom timber cabinetry and high gloss, white lacquered countertop.





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