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Are you looking to create the home of your eco-friendly dreams, but don’t want to start from scratch?

Prime Five Homes’ offers extensive home renovation services that can transform your current  space into a state of the art eco-conscious home without compromising on luxury and breaking your bank. Simple upgrades and restoration work on a home can create a space that is environmentally ethical and affordable.

Prime Five Homes has worked on numerous homes, giving them a facelift that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. The art of renovation has been taken to the next level  with only the most sustainable and earth conscious products used to upgrade surfaces and finishes. State-of-the-art smart home systems,energy efficient appliances, updated solar panels, and drought-resistant landscaping are just a few of the many updates available.
Check out our recent renovation in Venice, CA. We remodeled and updated the home to reflect its true, eco-conscious and beautiful assets. The modern luxurious designs encompassed both the interior and exterior of the home including extra wide white oak wood floors, oversized stacking Fleetwood doors, handmade Italian cabinetry and an overhaul of the rooftop deck, making it more comfortable and welcoming.

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