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Even if you’re clean your house regularly, chances are there’s a few cracks and crevices that are overlooked in your weekly routine. If you haven’t given your household the full “spring clean” yet, consider these easy tips and tricks to make the tedious task a little less daunting.

  1. Set a date
    Pick a day that you don’t have any other activities planned. It is easy to use afternoon obligations as an excuse to put something off, so marking off a day on your calendar for deep cleaning (almost) ensures that you will get it all done. Be sure to finish each task before moving on to another and reward yourself for completing large tasks with a sweet treat or 30 minutes of your favorite TV show.
  2. No More Streaky Windows
    Instead of wiping off the Windex with a paper towel, buff with an old newspaper!
  3. Clean Your Dish Disposal
    Pour one 1/2 cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar down the drain, followed by a small pot of boiling hot water. Next, fill the drain with a handful or two of ice cubes and a 1/2 cup of course sea salt or rock salt. While running the cold water, turn the disposal on until all of the ice is gone. This will break up any difficult debris.
    With the water and disposal still running, cut a lemon into a few segments and, one at a time, throw in the pieces to deodorize the drain.
  4. Clean Dirty Blinds
    Put a stray sock on your hand and spray with a cleaning agent, or water & vinegar, to easily clean the blinds. This method can also be used to clean various other delicate or hard-to-reach places.
  5. Remove Tricky Water Stains
    Cut a lemon in half and rub it on the surface you’re trying to clean, or you can use a rag doused in white vinegar. Let it sit for a minute and then rinse off with warm water. To prevent future stains and fingerprint marks, wipe down the freshly clean surface with a piece of waxed paper. This also works on stainless steel appliances, such as your oven hood or toaster!

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