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Organizing your home can be a daunting task once you start thinking about all of the different things that need tidying up, but not to worry! Today’s Prime5Fridays post will help you become an expert organizer (without spending your whole pay check).

1. Place small empty boxes (such as shoe boxes), or other small boxes inside drawers to keep things separated and organized.

2. Use a muffin tin, ice cube tray, or even a hanger you’re not using to organize jewelry and other small miscellanea. It also prevents you from misplacing and losing earrings knowing that there’s a place for them to go.

3. If your desk looks like a mess of tangled wires, use a zip tie to tie all of the cords together, or a paper towel roll if you need something less permanent.

4. Briefly go through your mail daily and place important pieces of mail in a basket for you to go over when you have the time. If you receive a bill in the mail, use a sharpie to write down the due date on the envelope to remind yourself to pay it on time.

5. Clean out the medicine cabinet and throw away any expired medication (if it’s past the expiration date, don’t use it!) Then sort the contents into categories (first aid, skin, children’s, etc).

TIP: Cleaning isn’t something that is normally done for fun, but sometimes it can be very therapeutic!  Take a picture of the mess you’re going to clean up, and after you’re finished, look at all of the progress you’ve made! You’ll be amazed with how satisfying it feels!

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