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Happy Earth Day! At Prime Five Homes, we are committed to making the world a better place through the preservation of our environment. Our homes have approximately a third of the carbon footprint that an ordinary home would have, and our homeowners are constantly saving money on their energy bills! We’re now calling on you to show the same appreciation for the beautiful world we live in! Here are 5 easy ways to give back to your planet this Earth Day:

1. Turn off your electricity for an hour
Mark_K_ - PowerThe more energy we use, the more toxins that are released into the atmosphere by dirty power plants working overtime. When you have finished using the toaster oven in the morning, turn it off and unplug it. When you run to the store, switch off the TV. And when you leave for work in the morning, turn off your lights and other appliances you won’t be using! We aren’t suggesting to cut your power off completely. The fridge still needs to keep your food cool, but you wouldn’t believe how much precious energy your appliances are sucking up just sitting on your counter plugged in! NOTE: This will also cut down your power bill if done regularly, and make you eligible for tax deductions, saving you $$$!
Image courtesy of Mark_K_ via Flickr.com

2. Take public transportation/ride your bike
Amsterdamized - A to BPublic transportation is readily available in all major cities, so why not reduce your car emissions and save gas by hopping on a subway or bus to get to work? Riding your bike or walking to the grocery store or other short distances is also another effective alternative.
Image courtesy of Amsterdamized via Flickr.com  

3. Plant a tree or small garden
Carol And David Plant A TreePick up a pack of seeds from your local garden center and plant something new in your yard! Plants recycle the carbon dioxide that we exhale and turn it into fresh oxygen. Basically, trees and plants are beautiful, free-of-charge air purifiers. It’s also a fun weekend project or a great activity for kids!
Image courtesy of Matt Bargar via Flickr.com  

4. Reuse or Recycle!
Alan Levine - Recycling TroopersThis one’s easy and just asks that you save your water bottles, cereal boxes, and other recyclables (check your city recycling guidelines), and put them in the big, blue trash can! Or, save the plastic container that your takeout came in last night, and use it as tupperware for leftovers!
Image courtesy of Alan Levine via Flickr.com  

5. Pick up trash on your local hiking trail, beach, or park
giveawayboy - clean-up crewWhenever you go spend some quality time outside, take a plastic shopping bag with you (Hey, you’re reusing!), and pick up any debris you may come across. We’re not saying you need to do an extensive cleanup or fill 5 garbage bags — although don’t hold back! — but every little bit adds up!
Image courtesy of giveawayboy via Flickr.com



Let us know in the comments below what you’re doing this Earth Day!


Prime Five Homes is in support of the Los Angeles local nonprofit, The Dream Builders Project. To find out more visit www.dbpla.com

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