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Living in California means enjoying the sun almost all year round. While that’s ideal for most people, some of your favorite plants don’t feel the same way. To avoid using excessive amounts of water on your yard, opt for plants that have a reputation for thriving in desert climates (and no, you won’t find a cactus on this list!)

Here are 5 of our favorite plants for backyard that will love the California drought:

  1. California Poppy — Eschscholzia californica
    These flowers grow easily in any type of soil and appreciate full sunlight. Resistant to dry conditions, these colorful flowers will quickly transform your garden into a sea of color.
  2. Lavender — Lavandula multifida
    Small, felt-like leaves cover these shrubs which can grow approximately three feet wide. The thin stems bloom tiny violet flowers from spring until fall.
  3. ‘Sunset Strain’ — Lewisia cotyledon
    This colorful, blooming plant has evergreen foliage and can grow as tall as one foot. An ideal environment for the Sunset Strain is in rock gardens because of its need for excellent drainage.
  4. ‘Cape Blanco/Broadleaf Stonecrop’ — Sedum spathulifolium
    Tiny, blue-green leaves form tight rosettes on this low-growing plant which would be great for ground coverage or in a pot. Yellow flowers bloom within the month of May.
  5. Blue Oat Grass — Helictotrichon sempervirens
    This grass plant features blue/gray blades and can reach as tall as three feet high and wide. Flower clusters bloom another two feet above the foliage in the spring.

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