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Happy Prime5Friday! Today certainly feels like one of the hottest Friday’s of the month. We don’t want you to get caught up in the heat, so we’ve compiled a couple of “cool” tips to cool down your home! Each of these will help get you past these late summer heat waves efficiently without harming the environment!

1. Heat shield: If you have an attic, have dense insulation ― such as foam or blown cellulose ― installed to more efficiently insulate your home’s interior.

2. Keep the cool air in and the hot air out by closing all the windows and keeping the sun rays from filtering into your home.

3. Instead of having a small fan, install a whole house fan that circulates throughout your home. If you also have air conditioning, this will allow you to keep it on low, saving energy yet effectively circulating the cool air.

4. Seal all the air leaks around window frames, electrical outlets, and cracks with weather stripping.
5. Install reflective film on the surface of your windows and complement with heat-resistant curtains or roller shades.

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