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This weekend is the start to a hot and dry summer in California, so we’ve compiled some of this year’s biggest trends for #Prime5Friday. Get ready for a season of sun, surf and socializing! 

1. Indoor Plants
Adding an exquisite, rich green color to your interior, indoor plants are also a great way to cleanse the air and improve the overall aura of your home.

2. Bold and bright patterns
Summer is the best season to be a little more extravagant with your soft furnishings. Choose bright colors in tropical and floral patterns to achieve a fun and invigorating interior.

3. Solar-powered garden lights
Creating a magical feeling once the sun goes down, solar-powered garden lights dotted around your backyard will be ideal for late night barbecues and won’t cost you anything to run!

4. Flowing drapes
Curtains and drapes are the best, cost-effective way to keep your home cool during summer. Available in a limitless number of fabrics, colors and designs, they will keep your interior cool and look good doing it!

5. Natural textures – recycled timber, marble, concrete, etc.
Eco-friendly furniture and accents are a beautiful element to a space no matter what time of the year. Add recycled timber furniture pieces to your outdoor space and decorate your summer table with marble and slate textures for a luxe finish.

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