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No matter what your living situation is, everyone has experienced how easy it is for your home to quickly turn from a palace to a pigsty. Many writers and designers have written books and articles about decluttering techniques, so we sifted through them, and here’s five of the best.

1. Donate what you don’t wear
I can guarantee you that most people are considered hoarders when its comes to their wardrobe – I know I am. To begin the overhaul of your home, the easiest place to start is the wardrobe. No room for nostalgia here, be judgmental and make a rule that if you haven’t worn something in the last three months, it’s going.

2. Coordinate your wardrobe
Once you’ve minimized the amount of clothing you do have, coordinate it into types of garments and/or colors. Folding clothes and having them nicely placed in drawers is also a great way to avoid an overflowing wardrobe.

3. Box it up
There are a variety of textured, colored, and patterned storage boxes available these days, so there’s no excuse for not using them. Instead of having paperwork lying all over the kitchen counter or work desk, have a nice box to store them in. These can also be used for photographs, kids toys, shoes, and throw blankets.

4. Create specific places for things
When you designate a spot for something, and make it look good, you and your family are bound to utilize it. Decor such as key hangers, shoe storage, and coat racks are ideal for this type of organization.

5. Stack it
Not only does it declutter spaces but it also looks great when you stack magazines and books, and compliment them with small decor items, such as ceramic vases, candles, and other collectibles.

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