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As you step through the door, you are greeted with a large, open space. Surrounded by natural light, oxygen fills your lungs and clarity floods your mind. As your eyes dart around the room, an uncontrollable force begs them to look up; as if defying gravity, your heart skips a beat as you witness a sea of blue above you.

There are several design secrets to achieve this type of interior in a home, however Prime Five Homes favorite concept is the atrium.

An atrium is a large, open space located within a building. Initially featured in ancient Roman dwellings, the atrium has come back into fashion in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Not just a trend however, studies have proven that the environment an atrium creates in the interior of a building can have positive effects on individuals’ mental and physical health.

There are various atrium configurations, however when a designer successfully combines and blends the elements and fundamentals of geometry, lighting, envelope construction, landscaping, acoustics, thermal control, and pressurization, an atrium can have numerous benefits, including:

  • Provide light and ventilation.
  • Give buildings a spacious feeling.
  • Provides shelter from the environment while maintaining a visual link to the outdoors.
  • Intelligent means to save energy.
  • A more healthy and productive environment.

Every home that Prime Five Homes designs and builds has one main goal, to create the most efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly structure. Each project’s key interior feature is an atrium. Our current project at 849 N Curson is going to have the grandest atrium we’ve designed so far. Here are some recent photographs taken of the construction. Below that, also see some of the most well known buildings in the world with the most impressive atriums.

Enjoy! And happy #HumpDay!

Croft 3


Other iconic atriums around the world include:

The Burj Al Arab Hotel Lobby in Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Andy Withers, available here. (No changes were made to this image).

The World Financial Center’s Winter Garden in Manhattan, New York. Photo by Jason Paris, available here. (No changes were made to this image).

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