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California will become the first state to adopt a law aimed to reduce the speed of global warming.

On September 8th, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to advance California’s efforts to address climate change and shrink one of the world’s largest economies into a smaller carbon footprint. In hopes to scale back emissions lower than levels in 1990 by the year 2020, California is imposing limits on the carbon content of fuel, promoting zero-emission electric vehicles and introducing a cap-and-trade system for industry polluters.

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases an economy produces, which directly and indirectly affects human activities. Carbon footprints can be expressed in equivalence to carbon dioxide, which is measured in tons, both extremely harmful to our ecosystem. But don’t fret! Thankfully, there are ways we can help California make an important international impact. Although California’s efforts to reduce carbon footprint are large scale, homeowners and developers are doing their smaller scale parts to contribute to lowering the levels of toxic emissions.


Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction

Incorporating solar panels into homes is the most important solution to help slow global warming. Solar panels create electricity without producing harmful pollution, at a fraction of the cost. Though panels are an initial hefty investment, in the long run they save thousands and help clean our environment. There are several other methods to help reduce your home’s carbon footprint. When shopping for new appliances, keep an eye out for products with the “Energy Star” label, they are superior regarding energy efficiency and replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs since they consume less energy.

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Prime Five Homes does its part to help California lower carbon levels by installing eco-friendly systems equipped with solar panels, drought-resistant landscaping, and energy efficient appliances and fixtures. With it’s unique and innovative designs, PFH is able to integrate sustainable appliances and floor plans into beautiful modern homes. We also offer homeowners recommendations on how to save money on their energy bills!

Speaking of saving money, if you’re curious to see YOUR household’s carbon footprint number, pay a visit to http://www.nature.org/greenliving/carboncalculator/! Answer a few simple questions and it’ll calculate the amount of emissions you produce. Scared of the number? Take further action and sign a pledge to help cut harmful carbon emissions and combat climate change, or contact us at [email protected] for helpful renovation recommendations to lower your energy usage!

Written By Maral Perian

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