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Travel around the world with us to see what countries are doing in order to be eco-friendly. Our first stop, Austria!

Many people confuse the little country in the center of Europe with Australia. Even though Austria doesn’t offer kangaroos and a seemingly endless outback, it does have its own unique and beautiful views of the Alps. Austria is putting special attention to reducing climate change since they are able to physically see the icecaps of the Alps slowly melt.


Worryingly as well, is that Austria had the most climate rise compared to the rest of the world.

One thing Austria does to reduce greenhouse gases is offer support to others with their ideas towards a better climate. The project called “Österreichische Klimaschutzpreis” (Austrian climate-protection-price), has five categories for which companies, counties and even children can register. The winner receives a certificate for his or her idea and meets influential Austrian individuals during the televised ceremony. A fashion producer, Zerum, Lifestyle KG, is a previous project winner.  Similar to Prime Five Homes, their focus is on solidarity, fairness and caring responsibility for the environment. The company was able to reduce their carbon footprint by only getting their materials within Europe or, if possible, within Austria. They even used old furniture for all of their stores and lessened their waste.

To see their products, you can check out their website: http://www.zerum.at/

Another winner was a county that refurbished all their public buildings to reduce their power consumption. Sustainable refurbishment is an ongoing European attempt which encourages people to think about renewing their own home. To be further sustainable, the county turned off the street lights at night, when possible.


Other projects in Austria like the “Klimabündnis” (climate alliance) try to establish an environmentally friendly place as well. They encourage and help communities coordinate projects such as a day without using a car.

The list of Austria’s projects to inform the public doesn’t stop with the two projects mentioned, the country is also part of the Kyoto Protocol and has numerous other plans to reduce the country’s greenhouse emissions.

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