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Everything in life is bound to last longer when built on solid foundations. A building relies on its foundations to stand upright, steady, and not crack and crumble under the pressure of Mother Nature’s various natural forces. The importance of solid foundations is paramount in determining the ease, success and longevity of every home.

A home’s foundations have several components. One, construction below ground, such as footings, cellars, or basements. Two, the composition of the earth on which the building rests. And three, any special construction needed, such as pilings and piers used to support the structure.

Known as the foundation bed, the soil on top of which a home is built is equally as important as the structural components. Solid rock, sand, and gravel are the most common soil compositions found. The type of soil, together with the intended design of your home, will determine the footings (underground reinforcements) needed to support the weight of your home and to stop it shifting from its intended position.

Strip footings (strips of concrete with steel reinforcements that run underneath the walls) are the most common types of footings used in typical residential construction. However, if you are building on earth that has a deep amount of soil above solid rock, pier footings will also be required to ensure your home’s stability. Pier footings are tall, cylinder holes that are drilled down into solid rock, which are then filled with concrete. Due to California’s earthquake probability, extra support and use of quality materials will make all the difference.

Supporting all that is built on top of it, you can understand why the foundations of your home are of the utmost importance, and careful consideration must be taken during these early stages of construction. Prime Five Homes understands the importance of foundations, and having built numerous homes in the Los Angeles country, ensures all of its projects incorporate earthquake-resistant design. Building with only the best materials and investing time in design and perfection, you can rely on Prime Five Homes projects to not under design your foundations (inevitable costing more in the long term), or over designing your foundations (costing unnecessarily excessive amounts in the short term).

Here are some progress pictures of one of our most recent projects, 849 N Curson that shows excavation, as well as the laying of foundations and forms. If you are interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to call or email.




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