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Tomorrow is our favorite day of all things love and hearts, Valentine’s Day.  

Did you forget a gift for your special someone? Need a unique date experience to share with your sweetie? We will pretend you were just waiting for this awesome list of ideas to create an amazing couple experience (haha).


Flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and jewelry usually make the cut for gift ideas, but if you are looking for something aside from the norm we have some sweet solutions for you! If you love the environment and all things DIY as much as we do, look no further. Instead of giving a gift, why not consider sharing in the experience of creating something special for the one you love the most. Whether you have a passion for gardening or arts and crafts, we have you covered!

Here at Prime Five Homes we pride ourselves on offering eco-friendly, sustainable building techniques to create your dream home, so it’s only natural we would want to share the love for all things DIY and environmentally friendly to help create a special day of love experience.

Here are a few options to show your someone special just how much you care about them and the environment they live in.

Lemon Candles

If you love the sweet, citrus smell of lemons and have some dangling from that lemon tree in your backyard or sitting in that decorative bowl in your kitchen, we have got the perfect gift to light up the romance this day of love (pun totally intended). These DIY lemon candles
 are so easy anyone can create them. The combination of lemon peels, lemon oil and beeswax creates the perfect gift for any candle lover while also remaining friendly to the environment and your budget.

Mmmm we can smell the aroma now!



Maple Almond Sugar Scrub

Who doesn’t love to feel pampered? Our skin can take quite a beating in our outdoor environment, especially in these colder, winter months. This Valentine’s day could be the perfect opportunity to treat your sweetie with a gift that makes him or her feel special and smells good enough to eat! Made from all natural ingredients, this Maple Almond Scrub 
offers the perfect, luxurious experience to leave your sweethearts’ skin glowing while remaining environmentally conscious as well.





Succulent Wall Planter

One of the most common gifts for Valentine’s Day is flowers, with approximately 110 million roses sold each year for February 14th. If you’re waste conscious and prefer something to last as long as your love, we have the perfect solution. Succulents are easy plants to grow as they are capable of surviving in some of the harshest climates. This makes them great plants to care for right here in our Los Angeles climate. This succulent wall planter 
offers a low maintenence, pretty alternative that can be enjoyed all year!




Wine Cork Memo Board

Any wine lovers out there? WE ARE! We may have the perfect gift for you. This DIY wine cork memo board
offers a way to repurpose those corks you have had hanging out around your house and upcycle them into something new and useful. Your sweetie will have a new organizational tool that is functional, eco-friendly, and looks great too!





Seed Paper Valentine Card

If your Valentine loves to garden and appreciates a thoughtful note, consider creating for them a card they can enjoy in multiple ways. Seed paper is 100% recyclable, made from handmade paper that includes various plant seeds, and can be planted into the ground sprouting out various plants and flowers. DIY seed paper valentine’s day cards
 offer a unique way to tell someone how much you love them while also allowing them to show the love back to mother earth. If time is an issue, seed paper can be purchased at Paper Source which has multiple locations across the Los Angeles area. They offer packs of seeded paper, as well as, these packs of cute, seeded hearts. Give this special gift and watch your love grow(literally!).

We only have one earth, let’s show how much we love her too this Valentine’s Day by being more eco-conscious!

By: Jessica Paisant

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