Blogging about renovations, sustainability, and other topics related to eco-friendly living and modern design
Blogging about renovations, sustainability, and other topics related to eco-friendly living and modern design

Revolutionizing Renovation One Eco-Friendly Remodel at a Time

Are you looking to create the home of your eco-friendly dreams, but don’t want to start from scratch?


Channel Your Inner Master Gardener with these Eco-Friendly Design Tips

Spring has sprung here on the west coast and in the spirit of fresh air and budding flowers, we are excited to get our hands dirty in the garden.


Ways to Wise Up with Your Water Use

Hallelujah! California is coming out of the drought and water is becoming prevalent again here in Los Angeles!


“Spring” into Renovations with these Simple Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades

Spring is in the air! Well, at least here in Los Angeles with our recent temps in the 70’s! (Sorry to those still stuck in winter).


Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Experiences to Share with Your Special Someone

Tomorrow is our favorite day of all things love and hearts, Valentine’s Day.  


International Environmental Sustainability #2 – Australia

If I were to ask you to name a country that starts with an A, chances are your instincts would be to say Australia! Australia is our next stop on our eco-friendly  journey around the world.


5 Tips to Improve Your Sustainability Habits

Happy America Recycles Day!  Adopting healthy recycling habits is the least everyone can do to help contribute to environmental sustainability.  If you are already recycling, great!  Here is a quick list of five ways to improve those habits.


Top 5 Reasons to Purchase an Eco-Friendly House

All over the United States, increasing numbers of people are deciding to purchase Eco-Friendly houses.  No matter whether you’re looking for a new home to move into or just another piece of property, or whatever your personal situation may be, an eco-friendly house is a great option.  Here are five reasons why it makes sense to buy an eco-friendly house as soon as possible.


International Environmental Sustainability #1 – Austria

Travel around the world with us to see what countries are doing in order to be eco-friendly. Our first stop, Austria!


Incentives for Going Green

Incorporating green technology into your home can help both the environment and your bank account!


Legislation Signed to Lower Carbon Footprint

California will become the first state to adopt a law aimed to reduce the speed of global warming.


Benefits of Vertical Farming

It’s not difficult to decipher what Vertical Farming could possibly mean. It’s the production of food in vertically stacked layers. CRAZY right?! Vertical farming, vertical production. Woah. From production in urban warehouses scattered throughout Pennsylvania to production in high-rises in Singapore, vertical farming is the start of a food revolution.


DIY Composting Tips

Did you know your food scraps, yard waste, and scratch paper can be extremely beneficial for your garden and the environment?


How Will Brexit Affect the Housing Market?

Last Thursday, Britons voted to leave the European Union, a highly surprising decision that has continued to leave the world in shock. While Britain’s exit, or “Brexit,” will not be finalized for many years, the great degree of uncertainty surrounding how Britain and the EU will handle this separation has caused major financial unrest in markets around the world, including the United States.


Mayer Dahan Receives Professional Builder 40 Under 40 Award

Exciting news! Our CEO, Mayer Dahan, has recently been included in Professional Builder Magazine’s “40 Under 40,” which honors the nation’s top home builders under the age of 40. Mayer headed over to beautiful San Francisco for the weekend, where he and other top homebuilders gathered to receive awards and discuss new development ideas. The gorgeous weather over the weekend and the undeniable charm of the “City by the Bay” provided the perfect setting for yet another milestone reached by Mayer and Prime Five Homes.


5 Renovation Tips Before Starting Your Next Project

Considering a renovation project on your home? Here are 5 quick tips to ensure the project goes smoothly. (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! At Prime Five Homes, we are committed to making the world a better place through the preservation of our environment. Our homes have approximately a third of the carbon footprint that an ordinary home would have, and our homeowners are constantly saving money on their energy bills!  (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Your home can save you $$$

Tax day is Monday! In its honor, we want to share with you some tax incentives when you upgrade your home and go “green”. Prime Five Homes’ remodeling projects can transform your home into an eco-friendly, efficient, and modern space that can save homeowners thousands on their utility bills each year.  (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Drought-resistant planting

Living in California means enjoying the sun almost all year round. While that’s ideal for most people, some of your favorite plants don’t feel the same way. To avoid using excessive amounts of water on your yard, opt for plants that have a reputation for thriving in desert climates (and no, you won’t find a cactus on this list!) (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Spring Cleaning tips and tricks

Even if you’re clean your house regularly, chances are there’s a few cracks and crevices that are overlooked in your weekly routine. If you haven’t given your household the full “spring clean” yet, consider these easy tips and tricks to make the tedious task a little less daunting. (more…)

Prime5Fridays: DIY projects to lower your energy bill

According to the US Department of Energy, a typical American family spends nearly $2000 per year on their home energy bill. What a lot of families don’t know is that you could save a lot of money by just doing a few minor repairs. Here’s a list of 5 DIY projects you can do over weekend to save yourself some extra cash. (more…)

Purchasing in California? Read this!

Buying a home is a huge commitment, not to mention the expense, but it’s also the most exciting for new homeowners. The housing market in California is one of the toughest to navigate in the country. Here, our CEO Mayer Dahan shares five things you should know before purchasing a home in The Golden State. (more…)

Room of the Day

With sleek lines, a modern aesthetic and integration with a lavish outdoor entertaining area, we’ve chosen this kitchen at 432 S Citrus as today’s ‘Room of the Day’. We explore who lives here, how the designer’s fulfilled the brief, and Mayer Dahan’s favorite feature of the kitchen. (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Tree People

CEO of Prime Five Homes, Mayer Dahan is a huge fan of indoor/outdoor concepts. An atrium or interior courtyard are great ways to easily merge interior and exterior spaces in your home, creating a bright and tranquil aura. Here are 5 spaces to show you how to get yourself involved in the tree people trend. (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Girl Power!

This Sunday, October 11th is International Day of the Girl. In celebration of this, today’s #Prime5Friday post is all about embracing your femininity. Bedrooms are everyone’s private retreat and tends to be the room where we inject most of our personality. Here are 5 bedrooms designed by famous interior designers that have girl power! (more…)

Prime5Fridays: 5 Reclaimed Timber Projects

Looking for a unique, hand-crafted piece of furniture to complement your Fall decor? Why not try making something yourself using one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts – reclaimed wood? Try one of these 5 easy, DIY projects this weekend and we promise you won’t be disappointed! (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Low-cost luxe looks

We all live busy lives, and sometimes there just isn’t a big budget or or a lot of time to prepare your home for visitors or special events. Here are 5 quick, easy, and affordable tricks to make your home look more organized and luxurious!


Prime5Fridays: Feng Shui

Having good energy and aura in your home is important as it can affect your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that refers to the energy and its ability to flow through throughout the home. Here are five basic fundamentals that you can apply to your interior in order to improve your home’s  Feng Shui. (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Beat the heat

Happy Prime5Friday! Today certainly feels like one of the hottest Friday’s of the month. We don’t want you to get caught up in the heat, so we’ve compiled a couple of “cool” tips to cool down your home! Each of these will help get you past these late summer heat waves efficiently without harming the environment! (more…)

Let there be light

As you step through the door, you are greeted with a large, open space. Surrounded by natural light, oxygen fills your lungs and clarity floods your mind. As your eyes dart around the room, an uncontrollable force begs them to look up; as if defying gravity, your heart skips a beat as you witness a sea of blue above you. (more…)

LA House conference talks housing crisis

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities to live in North America and is currently facing the most severe housing crisis in the city’s history. Why? Because of three simple reasons … (more…)

Brad Pitt aids the homeless in Montana

The Make it Right Foundation, a non profit founded by Brad Pitt and originally aimed at rebuilding the homes of families affected by Hurricane Katrina, is now expanding their efforts to the tribes of Fort Peck.  (more…)

#Prime5Fridays: Five things to-do in LA

Happy Friday! Are you looking for something to do on this warm August weekend? Today’s #Prime5Friday is celebrating Los Angeles and its various activities and events. Here are five things that will help you make the most of the next two days and leave you feeling pretty good about yourself come Monday. (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Become an expert organizer

Organizing your home can be a daunting task once you start thinking about all of the different things that need tidying up, but not to worry! Today’s Prime5Fridays post will help you become an expert organizer (without spending your whole pay check). (more…)

Prime 5 Fridays: Five ways to stay cool in style

Living in a relatively warm climate, Californians spend a lot of time outdoors and as an extension of the interior, your alfresco space should be just as luxurious. To spruce up your outdoors, this Prime 5 Friday reveals five modern umbrella designs to die for. (more…)

Prime 5 Fridays: Unplugged

Electricity consumption always goes up during the summer, especially due to AC usage as we try to escape the sweltering heat. One of the best ways to save money this summer is to unplug electronics that you don’t need. Today’s #Prime5Friday outlines five appliances to unplug this summer! (more…)

Prime 5 Fridays: Five ways to declutter your home

No matter what your living situation is, everyone has experienced how easy it is for your home to quickly turn from a palace to a pigsty. Many writers and designers have written books and articles about decluttering techniques, so we sifted through them, and here’s five of the best. (more…)

Prime5Friday: Five American-inspired interiors

Fourth of July celebrations can be as extravagant as you like. Whether you are looking for permanent interior fixtures or temporary decor options, today’s #Prime5Friday showcases five patriotic decorations for your home. (more…)

The next big thing in kitchen functionality

Smart home technology is already blowing our minds but what designers have been planning for the future will completely change the way we live. One particular technology that caught our eye is ALNO’s kitchen backsplash with an integrated 13-foot, LED computer screen. (more…)

Prime5Fridays: Five benefits of solar panels

The newest trend in energy efficiency in the residential market is solar. With its incredible cost-saving characteristics and positive impact on the environment, solar panels have become the hottest new accessory for your home. (more…)

Prime5Friday: Five summer trends for your home

This weekend is the start to a hot and dry summer in California, so we’ve compiled some of this year’s biggest trends for #Prime5Friday. Get ready for a season of sun, surf and socializing!  (more…)

Prime 5 Friday: Five ways to save money on your energy bill

A way to save big bucks around your home is on your energy bill. Today’s #Prime5Friday is going to change the way your household operates, for the better of your family and your pocket! (more…)

Top 5 indoor plants

Introducing leafy foliage into the home is not a new concept, however recent studies have found that there are much more benefits to houseplants than just their aesthetic. (more…)

Foundations are the anchor to all that follows

Everything in life is bound to last longer when built on solid foundations. A building relies on its foundations to stand upright, steady, and not crack and crumble under the pressure of Mother Nature’s various natural forces. The importance of solid foundations is paramount in determining the ease, success and longevity of every home. (more…)

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day: a day dedicated to conservation, green living and the preservation of our planet.  All of us at Prime Five homes believe that sustainability and being eco-friendly is not only important but essential; to us, it’s a way of life. (more…)

Save our water

With California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, Governor Brown declared a drought State of Emergency in January of this year and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages.  (more…)