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Happy America Recycles Day!  Adopting healthy recycling habits is the least everyone can do to help contribute to environmental sustainability.  If you are already recycling, great!  Here is a quick list of five ways to improve those habits.

  1. Cut Back on Bottled Water


Bottled water creates a large amount of plastic waste, in addition to being expensive.  Often times, these plastic bottles end up in the trash, or move to the ocean, destroying marine life.  The good news is that water bottles are not an essential part of life.  As an alternative to traditional plastic bottles, either use a reusable bottle (preferably made out of recycled materials!), or stick to tap water from a safe source.

  1. Properly Dispose of Electronics


It has happened to all of us.  After getting use out of our cell phones and tablets, they eventually break or stop working.  You get a replacement, and are unsure if your old one is recyclable, so you just throw it away.  These old devices contain the chemical mercury, which is extremely damaging to the environment.  Instead of tossing these electronics, there are often e-waste collection centers where one can properly dispose of these things.  It is best to hold on to these old devices until you can make it to one of these collection centers!

     3.   Take Shorter Showers

Not only does this save on the water bill, it also saves on a valuable resource.  Water is an essential resource that is needed by everyone for a decent life.  In California, where we are in the middle of a drought, water is especially scarce.  Try this by cutting your showers by 30 second increments.  Eventually, your showers will last five minutes maximum.  You will save time, and do your part to promote environmental sustainability.

  1. Lower Your Thermostat

In Los Angeles, we have the pleasure of experiencing mild winters, where temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees.  Unfortunately, many find this too cold, and keep their indoor heater to the high 70s during the winter months.  Instead of using the heater, try wearing a sweater.  You’ll look fashionable during the holiday season, and you’ll save money and energy!  Lowering your thermostat just one degree can save as much as 10% on the heating bill.

  1. Drive an Electric Car


There are many models of completely electric cars being manufactured.  Although these cars may be a bit more expensive than buying similar cars that run on gasoline, you will save money in the long run, given the fact you don’t pay anything for fuel.  Just charge it up at a local, public charging station, or purchase your own charger to use at home.  In addition to the money you save, you don’t emit toxic fossil fuels into the atmosphere.

Written by Ryan Polsky

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