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Considering a renovation project on your home? Here are 5 quick tips to ensure the project goes smoothly.

  1. Set a budget: Knowing your limitations is important for completing any job. There’s nothing worse than a half finished project because your eyes were bigger than your pockets. Make a list of priorities, your overall budget, and then break it down into estimated amounts that you want to spend on each area. Consulting with your contractor will give you a good idea of what to expect price-wise. But remember: plan for a number higher than what you think. Sometimes there are unexpected complications and a bit of wiggle room is always a bonus and can be the difference when it comes down to choosing the finishing touches.
  2. Have a vision: Know what you want done and have a list of priorities, once you have a set budget, your contractors will be able to determine what can and cannot be done. Also have lots of examples ready to show your contractors so that they can get a good sense of your style and really be able to bring your vision to life!
  3. Set a time frame: Set a realistic time frame for the project that you want to do. Again, your contractors should be able to give you a good estimate but it’s never a bad idea to also have your own time frame in mind to ensure that the job gets done quickly and doesn’t put you out of your home for too long.
  4. Choose a contractor that has experience and is proven to be able to meet your goals: This is probably the most important factor. Whenever you partner up with anyone on any form of project, you want to make sure that you communicate well and share a similar vision. Your contractor should be someone that you trust and has a proven track record to deliver to client’s needs.
  5. Be involved in the process: Although putting your full trust in your contractors is an amazing thing, you should also try to be involved in the process and any major decision making. From the start, explain to your team when and at what points they should consult you and don’t be afraid to ask questions at anytime during the process. It is your home and your project after-all.

& Remember — Not only do renovations often increase the value of your home, installing eco-friendly features such as water capture systems and solar powered devices will significantly raise your home’s value, as well as save you money on monthly utility bills and yearly taxes!


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